Pursuing a cycle of dieting and overeating is no way to live. If you believe you have no will power and feel guilt over your eating habits, it’s time to let yourself off the hook.

What are we doing wrong?

Our nation is more diet- and nutrition-conscious than any other, and yet we continue to top the list of most obese countries in the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that it is not the dieter that is flawed, but rather the diet itself.

The problem
with diets

The biggest triggers for overeating are deprivation and hunger—so every moment you’re restricting what you eat, or how much you eat, you’re feeding your next binge. Diets force you to think about food all day long.


Imagine putting a halt to dieting altogether. Using mindfulness techniques, these workshops are designed to teach you to tap into your body and trust that it knows when and how much to eat.