“After a lifetime of denying myself and berating myself for not being a ‘perfect eater’ it was great to finally let that go and say ‘it’s okay.’ I also loved the practice assignments to help remind me of what we talked about each week.”

Learning to ‘let go’ of judgments and TRUST that my body’s wisdom is all I need to follow…

“I have found the class quite helpful. I'm running a relay race in May and it means a different training regime. The Mindful Eating class has given me confidence in fueling my workouts. Reducing the preservatives in my diet has eased the inflammation in my joints, which makes training much more comfortable.”

“I’m eating less and have lost 6 pounds. I’m more mindful and feel more ‘in charge’.”


Perhaps the best take away for me was divorcing eating from guilt. I still eat treats, but when I do I slow down and enjoy them more and tend to indulge less.

“This class has been beneficial to me in re-connecting with my body. Learning to ‘let go’ of judgments and TRUST that my body’s wisdom is all I need to follow. I have released external pressures and greatly reduced the need to ‘stuff’ my feelings.”

“I’ve improved relationship with food for sure. Haven’t under-eaten or binged. Usually under eating leads me to binge. Stopped tracking calories. Certainly more mindful of hunger but more so of ‘satisfied’ and not wanting to be over-full.”

“I definitely think about eating ‘real’ food and try to make those choices. I can eat the rest later—so simple, yet powerful. Wait to eat until I am hungry. I have lost weight already and feel really good—no more water retention.”

“I am able to focus on my body—am I hungry, or tired, or just thirsty? I have been meditating, although not every day. I love the way I feel after meditating.”

“I like the whole package—the great info without being preachy, the support and input from a small group of like-minded people, and the stretching and relaxation of yoga."

“I’ve been recovering from binge eating disorder for a while, so I knew some of this, but through this class I greatly improved my self-compassion. Not feeling like a failure. I appreciate that you constantly reiterated that we could not fail.”